Antibacterial & Antifungal


Daktarin Miconazole 2% Oral Gel 15g
Daktarin oral gel treats fungal infections by preventing a certain biological process within the fungi. The active ingredient also alters important components in the membrane of the fungi, which results in the fungal cells dying out.
Daktarin Miconazole 2% Topical Powder 20g
Daktarin Topical Powder is a medicine for the treatment and prevention of skin fungal infection such as athlete's foot. Daktarin Topical Powder is used in infections between the fingers and toes or in the groin, diaper rash caused by fungi in babies.
Daktarin Miconazole 2% Cream 15g
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Daktarin Cream is a medicine for treating skin infection caused by fungi such as ringworms, athlete's foot, white spots, etc.