Post Pebbles 311g (Cocoa/Fruity)
Cocoa PEBBLES is a sweetened crispy rice cereal for anyone who wants to start their day in a chocolatey way.
Yogood Muesli Bars 138g (Blueberry Cranberry/Strawberry)
Yogood Blueberry Cranberry Muesli Bars feature a delightful blend of cereals and fruits coated with creamy yogurt for a chewy, aromatic and delicious treat. Yogood Muesli Bars also have oligofructose added for its prebiotic effects, to help maintain a good intestinal environment. Each great tasting bar is high in dietary fibre and contains less than 100 calories, making it an ideal choice to satisfy your cravings wherever you are.
Post Waffle Crisp 326g
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Sweetened multigrain cereal.Low in saturated fat, 10 essential vitamins and minerals iron and zinc for growth.
Post Selects Blueberry Morning Cereal 382g
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Post Selects Blueberry Morning Cereal is a delicious mix of sweet tangy blueberries, multigrain flakes and clusters, and specially selected almonds. It's a perfect start to your day.
Post Raisin Bran Cereal 567g
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With whole grain wheat and bran flakes, and 100% Sun-Maid California raisins, Post Raisin Bran is a healthy and great tasting way to start your day. Whole grains provide fiber, antioxidants, and other important nutrients which promote heart health, digestive health, and weight management. Post Raisin Bran provide 22 g of whole grains per serving, that's 45% of your day's whole grains! It contains no high fructose corn syrup and is made from 100% natural ingredients.
Post Selects Great Grains Crunch Whole Grain Cereal 439g (Banana Nut/Cranberry Almond/Crunchy Pecans)
Multigrain clusters & flakes with scoops of wholesome pecans. Delicious flakes made with wholegrain wheat, barley and oats combined with cranberries and wholesome almonds.
Post Honey Bunches of Oats Whole Grain Cereal 411g (Honey Roasted/Almonds/Real Strawberries)
Every spoonful of honey bunches of oats brings your crunchy, sliced almonds with our original crispy flakes and tasty oat clusters.
Post Great Grain Raisin , Dates and Pecan 453g
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Post Selects Raisins, Dates & Pecans Great Grains Cereal is a tasty and wholesome mix of naturally nutritious raisins and dates, whole grain flakes and clusters, and scopes of real pecans. It is an excellent source of fiber and the perfect way to start your day.
Planters Peanut Butter 510g (Creamy/Crunchy)
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Enjoy the rich, smooth roasted peanut flavor of Planters Peanut Butter. Made of 90% peanuts, Planters Peanut Butter is a nutrient-dense energy source and provides 10% or more of the daily value for seven essential nutrients, including magnesium and antioxidant Vitamin E.