Ajax Aroma Sensations Floor Cleaner 2500+300ml
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The relaxing aroma of essential oils ensures a unique and sensational atmosphere in your home. Discover Sensational and Sparkling clean results for the enjoyment of your family at home.
Look Anti-Bacterial Toilet Bowl Cleaning Gel 450ml
Made in Japan, LOOK Anti-bacterial Toilet Bowl Cleaning Gel is a thick, concentrated clingy gel that provides powerful cleaning and removal of stubborn stain around the toilet bowl. Designed with long neck nozzle for easy reach to back of rim. It kills 99.9% bacteria and is chlorine-free while leaving a deodorizing fresh herbs fragrance.
Lion Pipeman Sink & Drain Concentrated Deloclogging Gel 450g
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Made in Japan, Lion Pipeman Sink & Drain Declogging Gel uses advanced Lion Japan technology to dissolve stubborn grease, hair and food particles fast and effectively, removing 99.9% bacteria for an odour-free pipe.
Lion Pipeman Powder 10x20g
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Made in Japan, Lion Pipeman Drainpipe Cleaner dissolves hair, grease and grime effectively. It sterilizes the pipe and removes bad odour.
Ajax Fabuloso Fresh Floor Cleaner 3L
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Ajax Fabuloso Fresh works with an improved formula to remove grease and grime more effectively. Cleaning with Ajax Fabuloso kills 99.9-Percent of bacteria on your household surfaces and floors, leaving them clean and shiny with a long lasting freshness. It is also ideal for removing stubborn stains and for daily cleaning.