Diapering Care

Desitin Baby Diaper Rash Relief Rapid Relief Cream 2oz
DESITIN rapid relief cream is a smooth & creamy diaper rash treatment containing Zinc Oxide, which known to block moisture from baby's skin. The barrier cream forms a protective layer on your baby's skin to soothe & relieve diaper rash discomfort, providing relief from the very first use. It is safe & gentle enough to use after each diaper change, to protect against & treat diaper rash.
Desitin Baby Diaper Rash Relief Maximum Strength Original Paste 2oz
DESITIN maximum strength original paste contains maximum level of zinc oxide, immediately forming a protective barrier to help heal; soothe diaper rash discomfort. Our thick, rich, hypoallergenic, pediatrician-tested formula helps provide overnight relief for baby's tender skin. There's no stronger zinc-oxide nappy rash treatment available without a prescription. Glides on smoothly; wipes off easily.
Johnson's Baby Bedtime Powder Twin Pack 500g x2
Johnsons® baby Bedtime powder releases NATURALCALM „¢ essences, a blend of soothing aromas & delicate essence of Jasmine Blossoms. It helps baby wind down & sleep better by keeping it comfortably dry through the night after following the Johnsons® Baby Bedtime Routine. Rely on Johnsons® baby Bedtime powder's Clinically Proven Mild ® formula to provide the comfort & gentle protection for your baby. Always mild & gentle.
Kira Kira Organic Baby Nappy Cream 10ml / 50ML
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Formulated with organic and natural plant-based ingredients with chamomile extract and shea butter to sooth, heal and moisturize your baby's delicate skin. Chamomile is known to soothe inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Shea Butter reduces redness and protects the skin from wetness.