Face Scrubs & Exfoliators

Bio-essence Bio-Renew Exfoliating Gel 60g
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Active skin renewal helps to defy signs of ageing and is crucial in achieving healthy and youthful-looking skin. Effective Exfoliation Infused with Bio Energy Complex� to enhance the renewal of new and healthy skin cells Gentle formula for daily use. Exfoliates dead skin to enable subsequent skin care products to be fully absorbed Helps brighten dull skin and smoothen skin texture for easy makeup application that lasts longer and looks natural Nourishes With Royal Jelly Keeps skin moisturized, no dry feeling after exfoliation Nourishes skin to help slow down signs of ageing for youthful skin
Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub 100g
Effectively and gently sweeps away makeup, dirt and oil for clear, fresh skin. Removes pore-clogging impurities, leaving skin thoroughly cleansed with no heavy residue.
Bio-essence Royal Jelly with ATP Deep Exfoliating Gel Oil Control 60g
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Tea Teee has excellent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which is highly effective for clearing blemishes and reducing breakouts, without drying skin. This formula is enriched with 2 sources of Tea Tree - Natural Tea Tree Leaf and Tea Tree Essential Oil which releases its goodness into skin during exfoliation.
Bio-essence Royal Jelly with ATP Deep Exfoliating Gel for Sensitive Skin 60g
$18.45 $36.90
Deep Exfoliating Gel (Sensitive Skin) is a high-tolerance formulation which gently rubs away dead skin without any irritation. Enriched with German Chamomile, this formula calms and soothes sensitive skin during exfoliation. Skin is instantly smooth, fair and healthy.
Bio-essence Royal Jelly with ATP Deep Exfoliating Gel 60g
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Zero Dead Skin in 1 Step. Gently & painlessly exfoliates dead skin, blackheads and white heads for better absorption of subsequent skincare products. Brightens dull skin, makes dry and rough skin softer and smoother. Regulates and balances oil secretion, prevents pimples and helps lighten scars and pimple marks. Improves skin texture for a refine and fair complexion. Makeup glides on easily, lasts longer and looks more natural.
Bio-essence Bio Treasure (Jeju Marine Algae) Aqua Skin-Dewy Exfoliator 60g
$14.95 $29.90
Bio Treasure Aqua Skin-Dewy Exfoliator is uniquely blended with marine algae sourced from the deepest sea of Jeju Island and packed with minerals to intensively moisturize and enhance skin renewal, for overall healthy radiant skin. It helps to clear impurities and blackheads, exfoliates dead skin layer for better absorption of subsequent skincare products. This ultra-gentle formula helps brightens dull skin and refine pores, and suitable for daily use.