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Blackmores Bio C Chewable 500mg 50tabs
A great tasting chewable form of vitamin C with no artificial sweeteners thats suitable for the whole family. It is buffered with mineral ascorbates making it gentle on the stomach, and contains citrus bioflavonoids extract to boost its action in the body. Vitamin C helps to reduce the severity and duration of colds. As a potent antioxidant it also helps to reduce the risk of cell damage attributed to free radicals.
Blackmores Vitamin D3 1000IU 60caps
Vitamin D3 is often called the sunshine vitamin' as it is manufactured in the skin through the action of sunlight. Small amounts can also be obtained from food sources, such as cod liver oil, which is a rich natural source.Vitamin D3 stimulates the absorption of calcium from the small intestine, and the reabsorption of calcium from the kidneys. A major function of calcium is building and maintaining bones and teeth. Vitamin D decreases parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels which decreases the amount of calcium released from bone. This is important for maintaining bone density.Adequate levels of vitamin D throughout life are important for building and maintaining healthy bone mass, and hence in maintaining bone density. Low levels of vitamin D have been associated with reduced bone density and increased risk of hip fracture in the elderly.Vitamin D has the added benefit of helping to improve muscle strength in the elderly. Improving...
Blackmores Cod Liver Oil 1000mg
Blackmores Cod Liver Oil 1000mg is a natural source of Vitamins A and D. Vitamin A helps to support a healthy immune system, and Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption. It also helps to maintain healthy respiratory and digestive tract linings, which are the first line of defence against infection.
Blackmores Fish Oil 1000mg
Fish oil is a source of the omega-3 essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are incorporated into every cell membrane in the body, in the form of compounds called phospholipids. Cell membranes play the vital role of regulating what goes into, and what comes out of each cell. The integrity and fluidity of the cell membrane is determined by the type of phospholipid that is available for the body to use.Cell membranes made up mainly of phospholipids derived from the essential polyunsaturated fatty acids are more fluid and function better than cell membranes made up of saturated fat or trans- fatty acids. A cell membrane working at optimal levels retains vital nutrients and electrolytes, has the ability to communicate with other cells and is responsive to hormones.Omega-3 fatty acids are also important components of substances known as prostaglandins and leukotrienes. Prostaglandins and leukotrienes are important in immune function, smooth muscle...
Principle Nutrition Calcium 600 + Vitamin D (35/60/230tabs)
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Calcium is the essential mineral universally known for its critical role in maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Benefits,Promotes healthy bones Promotes healthy teeth Promotes good sleep Supports healthy heart beat Improves concentration Improves nerve system Improves muscle function Improves skeletal system.
Principle Nutrition Complete B Complex 25pcs
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Supports Nervous System Health and Stress Management. The B-Complex group consists of 8 vitamins that provide a wide range of benefits for optimal health. B vitamins support nervous system health, promote energy metabolism and play a role in stress management. Benefits Reduces stress Improves memory Promotes good sleep Reduces nervousness Reduces irritability.
Principle Nutrition Omega 3 Natural Fish Oil (50/90/300pcs)
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Omega-3 fatty acids are considered as one of the good fats that are important for cellular, heart and metabolic health. Getting an adequate amount of fatty acids to protect heart is not easy, especially in todays fast food world. EPA Fish Oil Concentrate contains eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) that help support and maintain the health of cardiovascular system. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids work together to support each other.Benefits,Supports joints health Improves concentration Reduces depression.
Principle Nutrition Sleep Aid Melatonin 3mg (32/70tabs)
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Melatonin is a hormone naturally found in the human brain that sets our biological clock and regulates our sleeping cycle. Principle Nutrition's Melatonin contains clinically proven stress-relief formula for long hours of restful sleep. Benefits, Promotes healthy and restful sleeping pattern Helps in relaxation and stress-relief Who can benefit? People with jet lag Night-shifts.
Principle Nutrition Vitamin C 1000mg Rosehips Time Release (35/60/210pcs)
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Time Release technology is a mechanism used in pill tablets to release the drug into the blood stream in slower and steadier manner. It has advantage of taking at less frequent intervals than immediate-release (IR) formulations of the same drug. Benefits, Vitamin C supports healthy immune functions Vitamin C helps fight the cell-damaging free radicals Rosehips helps reduce stress Beneficial in treating rheumatoid arthritis Prevents kidney stones Helps heal wounds Who can benefit? Smokers Drinkers Stressed workers Athletes.
Principle Nutrition Complete Women's Multivitamins 50pcs
Enhanced with key vitamins and minerals needed to support energy production and nutrient metabolism. Contains antioxidants and nutrients for women's health like folic acid, calcium, iron, vitamin c, B12 and more.
Blackmores Vitamin C 500 60tabs
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Bio C Bio C contains citrus bioflavonoids extract to help enhance absorption and utilization of vitamin C, which may help reduce the severity and duration of colds. Blackmores Vitamin C 500 is a dietary supplement that provides vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid. This easy-to-swallow tablet is suitable for those who require additional vitamin C for general health and wellbeing of the body. Reduces the symptoms, severity and duration of colds and flu.Reduces the severity of symptoms of allergic reactions such as hay fever. Assists wound healing, help protect capillaries and improve poor skin tone. High potency formula. Enhanced absorption of vitamin C.
Blackmores Evening Primrose Oil + Fish Oil 30caps/120caps
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Evening primrose oil (EPO) is a source of Omega-6 fatty acids Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and Linoleic acid (LA). Omega-6 fatty acids and substances made from them, are components of nerve cells, all cell membranes and hormone-like substances known as prostaglandins. Prostaglandins have multiple local hormone-like actions, which include regulation of tissue inflammation. Conditions that involve inflammation, such as eczema, may benefit from supplementation with Omega-6 fatty acids. Low levels of GLA have been found in women with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Essential fatty acid deficiency can lead to an excess of the female hormone prolactin which is responsible for many of the symptoms of PMS. Supplementing with EPO increases a prostaglandin known as PGE1, which may help with the symptoms of PMS. Fish oil inhibits triglyceride synthesis in the liver and so helps to lower fats (triglycerides) in blood, therefore supporting a healthy cardiovascular system.