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Certainty Tape Adult Diapers Unisex
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The adult diaper contains a 3D diamond shaped dry layer which helps to drive speedy absorption throughout the pad & prevent backflow backflow. Furthermore it contains super absorbent polybeads which provides superior absorbency by retaining urine and locking away wetness. Equipped with a refastenable front patch & contoured body fit, it provides for good body fit & lasting comfort. Product also comes with anti-leak side guard to prevent side leakage as well as wetness indicator to indicate time for diaper change.
Certainty SuperPants Adult Diapers Unisex
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Certainty Superpants are easy to wear and made with special fibers and super absorbent polymer gels to accelerate absorption without reflux. They are designed to hold larger amounts of liquid excretion while providing cushioned comfort to users enabling them to feel dry throughout. The standing leak guards prevents leakage around the thighs and also enhanced with an elastic waistband, enables users to move comfortably.
Certainty Daypants Adult Diapers Unisex
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Certainty Day Pants is especially shaped and designed for a soft and pleasant body fit that ensures lasting comfort. Its breathable, cloth-like material allows for better air circulation. It is built with double layer absorbent pads as well as leak guard protection to ensure quicker absorption. At the same time this prevents backflow and side leakage. The soft and stretchy waistband makes the pants easy to wear with a comfortable fit.
Certainty Comfort Pants Regular Pack
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Comfortable and thin. Well fit waist. Absorbency Pad. Perfect Fit on Leg Cuff, Protect from leakage. Comfortably fit elastic waistband. Odor control with Polymer Gel
Certainty Comfort Pants Jumbo Pack
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Comfortable and thin. Well fit waist. Absorbency Pad. Perfect Fit on Leg Cuff.