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Ebene Bioray Loafer socks (Men's) 1 pair
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Bioray loafer socks (men) promotes blood & oxygen circulation on-the-go during work and leisure. Helps relieve feet discomfort and eliminiate foot & shoe odour.
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Bio-Ray Back Support Waist Belt Helps provide excellent back support for better posture. It helps relieve backaches and discomfort. Besides that, it also helps correct posture and avoid back injuries. Its breathable mesh material designed for greater comfort. Shape body for slimmer body contour.
Ebene Bio Heat Pain Relief Lotion (Roll on) 80ml
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Ebene Bio Heat Pain Relief Lotion contains unique ingredients that can penetrate deeply into pain areas to relieve pain. For fast relief of aches and pain in neck, back area, joint area, shoulder and knee.
Ebene Metal Support Knee Guard 1pc
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Ebene Bio-Ray Metal Support Knee Guard contains Bio energy ingredients which can emit a Bio Energy Ray that penetrates deeply into the muscles (30mm) to stimulate the circulation of oxygen and blood. Blood circulation function to bring nutrients and oxygen through arteries to all cells and organs in the body, and remove toxic elements, waste, dead cells and carbon dioxide. Through this proces of metabolism, energy is created for the growth and survival of human.
Ebene Biosports Bioray Sports Socks 1 pair
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Biosports bioray sports socks is enhanced with energy to relax the feet and to increase running speed. The bioray healthcare products contains bioray which emits an energy ray, which is able to penetrate deeply through human muscles and bones to promote blood and oxygen circulation and boost oxygen and nutrient supply to cells, thus enhancing metabolism and health.
Ebene Bioray Loafer socks (women's) & Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream 50g
Bioray loafer socks (women) promotes blood & oxygen circulation, even when wearing high heels. Helps relieve stress and tiredness of feet after long hours of walking or standing and relieve numbness after long hours of sitting. Extra strength pain relief cream specially formulated with heat sensation to penetrate deeply into pain areas to ?create energy? in affected areas. Non-greasy and non-sticky.
Ebene Bioray Sports Knee Guard 1pc
$24.90 $49.90
Ebene Bio-Ray healthcare incorporates the Bio-Ray Energy elements into the Ebene Bio-Ray healthcare products. This combination of natural minerals and trace mineral elements emit an energy ray that penetrates deeply into the human muscles and bones to enhance the oxygen supply, and promote the good circulation of blood and oxygen instantly after wear. The sports knee guard relaxes muscles and increases energy and speed.
Ebene Bioray Knee Guard with Tourmaline 1 pair
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Bio-rays are formed by natural and trace mineral elements with similar wavelength and efficacies to the sun's far infrared rays, which are highly beneficial to human health. Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral stone which emits far infrared energy that helps to improve blood circulation, relieves stress and generates heat energy to promote overall health. Ebene Bio-Ray Knee Guard with Tourmaline
Ebene Bioray Knee Guard 1 pair
According to Inventor Dr Tor Lam Huat, good blood and oxygen circulation is essential to good health. The Chinese medical theory states that when circulation of blood & oxygen is good, there is no pain. If the circulation is bad, pain will occur. Ebene Bio Rays are formed by natural minerals elements and trace mineral elements. Its wavelength and efficacies are similar to that of far infrared rays from the sun, which are beneficial to human health.
Ebene Bioray Extra Strength Knee Guard 1 pair
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Bioray extra strength knee guard helps to provide firm support and gentle compression over knee cap. Relieve discomfort on knees and help to protect knee from further injury.
Ebene Bioray Foot Massage Socks With Tourmaline 1 pair
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Bioray foot massage socks with tourmaline stimulate blood & oxygen circulation . Helps relieve feet discomfort and eliminiate foot & shoe odour.
Ebene Bioray Elbow Guard 1 pair
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Bioray elbow guard provides firm support and gentle compression over elbow joints. Helps protect elbows from further injury with contoured design for optimal fit. Relieves pressure or discomfort on elbows.