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Aveeno Baby Dermexa Soothing Bath Treatment 5x21G
Made with colloidal oatmeal, this natural cleanser soothes and relieves sensitive, itchy, irritated skin caused by excessive dryness. The ultra-fine powder forms a soothing milky bath when dispersed in water, ensuring baby comes out of the bath feeling comforted with softer, smoother and less irritated skin.
Aveeno Baby Dermexa Moisturizing Wash 236ml
Contains natural colloidal oatmeal with rich emollients to soothe sensitive, itchy or irritated skin caused by excessive dryness. Also formulated to gently cleanse without damaging the skin’s barrier, ensuring your baby gets only the best care. It is fragrance-free and paraben-free, and suitable for eczema skin.
BabyLove Daypants Mega Pack
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Babylove Daypants Plus is designed with Baby's all-day comfort in mind. Features Easy Tapes that provides easy fastening and adjustment, while keeping your baby happy and dry all day long. Other features include leak guards and breathable cloth-like covers that facilitate in giving your baby maximum comfort all day, everyday!
Drypers Drypantz
New Drypers Drypantz contains 4 Natural Plant Extracts namely Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Olive Extracts and Vitamin E, that helps to keep your baby’s skin healthy and comfortable. Drypers Drypantz comes with 2 delightful interactive and engaging backsheet designs.
GERBER® GRADUATES® Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers For Toddlers 170g
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GERBER® GRADUATES® Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers For Toddlers 170g
GOO.N Swim Pants Boy/Girl size M - XL
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Goo.n Swim Pants do not swell like normal diapers or pullup pants.This swim pants can be wear by itself or under swimming costume. This diapers make of high quality soft, elastic and durable material.
Huggies Platinum Diapers Just Born 24pcs
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Huggies Platinum Diapers. With our best technology and added features, the new, improved Huggies Platinum Diapers keep you baby cleaner, drier and more comfortable. New Platinum Diapers have superior absorbency, locking wetness away so baby stays dry overnight. The cottony air fresh layer helps eliminate dampness, allowing baby's skin to stay fresh and dry. Clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash.New Huggies Platinum Just born is the only diaper designed specially for your baby's first 10 days. Give your little one the best start with the best fit and care for their size.
Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Powder 100g / 450g
We have designed Johnsons® baby Active Fresh Powder for long lasting freshness. When applied before playtime, this Clinically Proven Mild ® formula continually works to absorb sweat on contact. Its encapsulated fragrance capsules burst throughout the day to leave your little one feeling fresh & smelling irresistible all day long.
Johnson's Baby Bath 200ml / 1000ml
Johnson's Baby Bath(Regular): It gently cleanses your baby's skin without drying. Moms trust Johnson's. Always Mild And Gentle. Johnson's Baby Bath (Bedtime): Formulated with Naturalcalm essences, a special blend that releases soothing aromas. Johnson's Baby Bath (Milk + Rice): Designed with a rich combination of milk proteins & rice nutrients, plus essential vitamins to help complete skin nourishment. Johnson's Baby Bath(Milk+Oats): Designed with the nourishing power of essential Milk Proteins & Oats to give gentle yet effective cleansing. Johnson's Baby Bath (Peach): Formulated with Peach Fruit Essence, Vitamin & mild fragrance. This improved formula gently yet thoroughly cleanses baby's delicate skin while keeping it moisturized, so it stays as healthy supple as peach.
Johnson's Baby Oil Regular 125ml / 300ml
Johnsons® Baby Oil forms a silky barrier on baby skin to help prevent excess moisture loss. The Clinically Proven Mild ® formula is great for baby massage & parent-baby bonding.
Johnson's Baby Top-To-Toe Wash 200ml / 500ml
Johnson's® baby TOP-TO-TOE wash is designed to be ultra-mild for your baby's delicate skin & sensitive eyes. No More Tears® formula makes it as gentle to the eyes & skin as pure water. Paraben & Phthalate-free. The #1 choice of hospitals*. *Based on US studies.
Nestlé® MOM & ME® Nutritional Supplement 350g
Nestlé® MOM & ME® is a nutritional supplement for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Pregnancy and lactation are very special periods in your life when you can set the foundation of your baby's future. The right nutrition for you will help support the growth and development of your baby. Nestlé® MOM & ME® with PROTECT START® has been especially formulated to meet your increased nutritional needs during this time.