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Mentholatum Decongestant Analgesic Ointment 10g / 28g / 85g
$3.52 $4.40
For temporary relief of muscular pain stiffness, including backache, sciatica, lumbago, fibrosis, rheumatic pain, bruises and chilblains. Cold symptoms: Aids in the relief of stuffy noses, chest congestion, sinus congestion, head colds, chest cold, and muscular aches due to coughs and colds. Chapped skin: Soothes chapped skin, lips and other minor skin irritations.
Mentholatum Cherry Chest Rub 28g
$4.59 $5.10
Mentholatum Cherry Chest Rub's soothing aromatics work fast to relieve cold and cough symptoms. Contains camphor 4.7%, Menthol 2.6% and Eucalyptus Oil 1.2%. Mentholatum Cherry Chest Rub's relief of coughs, nasal, chest and sinus congestion associated with a cold.