Personal Care

Tena Value M 12pcs
Tena Value Top Rated Adult Diapers. Features and Benefits : Skin Soothing Layer Topsheet: Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Olive Extracts, Vitamin E. Dry Fast Core with Super Absorbent Polymers to provide excellent urine retention and ensure excellent surface dryness. Anti Leakage Barrier â„¢ provides maximum containment of urine and faecal and provide leakage effectively Refastening Frontal Patch allows repeated adjustments of tape tabs for comfortable fitting and wear Wetness Indicato. Body Shape Design .
Poise Liners Regular (16/30pcs)
Poise Liners are specifically designed to help women control and manage light bladder problems. They are ideal for when you’re playing sport, during exercise/fitness classes or just in case you sneeze.
Listerine Mouthwash 80ml
LISTERINE® twice a day after brushing to: Prevent tartar build-up to keep teeth naturally white. Kill 99.9% of germs. Reduce plaque. Protect healthy gums. Freshen breath for up to 24 hours. LISTERINE® is specially formulated to keep your teeth clean and naturally white. It is enhanced with WHITENOL® (zinc chloride) to prevent the formation of stain-attracting tartar from building up on your teeth. Use twice daily to get up to 24 hour protection from germs that can cause bad breath, plaque & gum disease. LISTERINE® Green Tea Strengthen tooth enamel to shield it against cavities. Kill 99.9% of germs. Reduce plaque. Protect healthy gums. Freshen breath for up to 24 hours.  LISTERINE® Total Care is the most advanced & complete antibacterial mouthwash in the LISTERINE® range. It is powered with WHITENOL® (zinc chloride) and fluoride to help you achieve the 6 benefits you need for Total Oral Health: tartar-free teeth,...
Poise Pads Slim 16pcs
Poise Pads are ideal for when light urinary leakage occurs at more regular intervals, and/or a large amount of liquid is lost, a cup or more. They are great for women who find they can’t reach the toilet fast enough, or when the whole bladder contents might empty at once.
Tena Pants Plus M 9pcs
TENA Pants, looks and feels just like underwear. Designed for moderate to heavy urine loss, these pants are extra secure and worn like normal underwear. The exceptional security is due to the FeelDry™ technology which rapidly absorbs even large quantities of urine into the core and away from the skin so that, even when seated or lying down for long periods of time, the wearer will stay dry and comfortable.
Kotex Fresh Liners Breathable Regular Unscented 40pcs
KOTEX FRESH BREATHABLE LINERS help skin breathe naturally and absorb unwanted wetness.
Colgate Total Pro Gum Health Mouthwash 500ml
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Colgate Pro Gum Health Mouthwash helps prevent Gum Problems, Cavities, Plaque and strengthens enamel freshen breath. This unique formula kills harmful bacteria that cause gum problems.
Certainty Comfort Pants Jumbo Pack
Comfortable and thin. Well fit waist. Absorbency Pad. Perfect Fit on Leg Cuff.
Colgate High Definition Charcoal Toothbrush B2F1
Colgate High Density Charcoal toothbrush has charcoal infused black bristles. The high density tuffed bristles are also feather-like soft and are gentle on gums.The10x slimmer bristle tips allows a deeper yet gentle cleaning of your teeth.
Kotex Soft & Smooth AIR Super Ultrathin Wing Day Pads 24cm 18pcs
Kotex Soft & Smooth AIR pad is our thinnest pad^. With all the leak protection you need in a 0.8mm RAPID ABSORB SHEET* you might hardly notice your pad throughout your period.
Systema Super Smile Toothpaste 60g
Developed by Lion - Japan's No. 1 Oral Care Company, Systema Super Smile Toothpaste is clinically proven 4X better in helping to prevent gum problems (IPMP & GK2) & provides superior cavity prevention (1000ppmF). Fruity, mild mint flavor makes brushing more enjoyable! Suitable for aged 8+.
Systema Super Smile Toothbrush
Developed by Lion - Japan's No. 1 Oral Care Company, Systema Super Smile Toothbrush is specially designed for better reach and effective, thorough clean to prevent cavities yet gentle on tender gums. Suitable for aged 8+ who are having a mix of milk & permanent teeth.