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Giving is Beautiful

What does ‘beautiful’ mean to you? ‘Beautiful’ is an adjective that has been misused and misunderstood. It should represent the charms of what one does and not how one looks. The “Giving Is Beautiful” campaign makes room for everyone’s inner beauty to surface without much effort.

Through the donation of a mere dollar, 1kg of rice will be donated to the less fortunate in Singapore. Today, we encourage you to redefine how you and others determine what is beautiful because to us, giving is beautiful.

How it works

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Terms & Conditions:

  1. Rice donations will commence between 15 September  2016 and 31 Dec 2016.
  2. Only specific rice donations as stated on the website will  be contributed to participating charities.
  3. The stated rice donation items are strictly NOT for sale.
  4. Only donation payments made via credit cards (VISA,  MasterCard or AMEX), or paypal are accepted.
  5. Rice donations cannot be combined with other items  within single transaction. A separate payment has to be  made in another transaction.
  6. An order confirmation email will be sent to customers  upon successful donation transactions and this email  confirmation will act as the proof of the donations.
  7. There would be no exchange, refund or reimbursement  once donations are made.
  8. All rice donations made will benefit participating Charities  as specified by Beautiful.me from time to time.
  9. Upon customers’ successful donations, Beautiful.me will  cumulate and make customers’ stated donations to  participating Charities.
  10. Rice donations are not entitled for any form of  tax-deductions.
  11. By making a donation through Beautiful.me, you authorise  Beautiful.me to submit your name, NRIC number, mailing  address and email address to the relevant authorities and  charity organizations to acknowledge and facilitate your  donations. You may refer to Privacy Policy to find out on your  data protection.
  12. Beautiful.me is not an agent of the Charity and any dispute  or discrepancy arising from the donation shall be settled  between the Customer and the Charity. However, in the  event of a dispute regarding the amount donated,  Beautiful.me’s records shall prevail.
  13. Beautiful.me reserves rights to replace items of similar  purpose/value should donated items be unavailable.
  14. Beautiful.me may vary the terms & conditions at any time  without any notice or liability to any party.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the “Giving Is Beautiful” campaign about?
    The ‘Giving Is Beautiful’ campaign was created to provide  online shoppers with a convenient platform to donate rice to  underprivileged families in Singapore who are struggling to  afford this basic necessity. The initiative hopes to inspire  beauty from within as well as to raise over 35000 kilograms in  rice donations.
  2. Which charities are involved in the “Giving Is Beautiful”  Campaign?
    Click here to view the full list of the “Giving Is Beautiful”  participating beneficiaries.
  3. How will my donations be used?
    Every dollar that is collected from the “Giving Is Beautiful”  campaign, which concludes on 31 January 2017, will be  used to purchase rice for the underprivileged. The rice will  then be apportioned to the 10 participating beneficiaries who  will proceed in distributing the rice amongst needy families in  Singapore.
  4. Does beautiful.me profit from this campaign?
    Beautiful.Me will not absorb any amount that is donated to  this campaign. All proceeds from the “Giving Is Beautiful”  campaign will go directly to the participating beneficiaries.
  5. Do I need to create an account to make a donation?
    Yes. New customers can sign up for a free membership on  www.beautiful.me and will be re-directed to the “Giving Is  Beautiful” campaign page once registration is complete. If  you are an exisiting customer on www.beautiful.me, you will  be able to make donations immediately through your  registered account once logged in.
  6. Why do I have to create an account to donate?
    By creating an account on Beautiful.me, you will be eligible to receive the beauty coins we are rewarding upon every donation ($1 = 1 beauty coin). You will also be able to track the amount you have donated to the ‘Giving Is Beautiful’ campaign, trace back invoices and enable beautiful.me to contact you for any updates on the donations received or any other matters on the CSR activities.
  7. How will I know that my donation was successful?
    A confirmation email and invoice will be sent to your  registered email address once the donation process is  complete.
  8. How do I know my donation is secure?
    All donations made to the “Giving Is Beautiful” campaign will  be processed through the payment processor platform,  Stripe –a trusted and secure platform that takes the security  of each transaction seriously.

    To find out more about Stripe: https://stripe.com/sg
  9. I am having trouble making a donation. What should I do?
    Should you encounter any problems during the donation  process, please do not hesitate to contact beautiful.me for  assistance. Email us at help@beautiful.me or call us at +65  6755 7755
  10. Can I cancel my donation?
    As stated in the ‘Giving Is Beautiful’ campaign’s terms and  conditions, there will be no exchange, refund or  reimbursement once donations are made.
  11. Is there a minimum amount to donate to this campaign?
    One dollar is the minimum amount to be donated to the ‘ Giving Is Beautiful’ campaign. However, we strongly  encourage you to donate as much as you feel comfortable  with giving. The more money that is raised, the more bellies  will be fed!
  12. What are the donation payment options on  beautiful.me?
    Only donation payments made via credit cards (Visa,  MasterCard, or AMEX), or PayPal are accepted.
  13. Is my donation tax-deductible?
    Rice donations are not entitled for any form of  tax-deductions as stated in the ‘Giving Is Beautiful’  campaign’s terms and conditions.